Aircraft Component Products and Services

Cargo Hooks

Heavy-Lifting with Confidence

Maintain the integrity and safety of your heavy-lift operations with our expertly serviced cargo hooks, available for various aircraft types.

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Power Generation

Unmatched Reliability for Every Flight

Experience unmatched reliability with our advanced power generation solutions, designed for a wide range of aircraft models.

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Peak Performance for Your Engine

Ensure your aircraft's engine operates at peak efficiency with our comprehensive magneto services, from overhauls to troubleshooting.

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Precision and Control at Your Command

Our actuator solutions deliver outstanding precision and reliability for your aircraft’s critical control systems. From manufacturing to maintenance, rely on our expertise to keep your operations smooth and efficient.

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Fuel Pumps

Fuel Efficiency and Reliability

Optimize your aircraft’s fuel system with our high-quality fuel pumps. Designed for durability and performance, our pumps ensure your aircraft runs efficiently, reducing operational costs and increasing safety.

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Robust Hydraulic Services for Optimal Performance

Depend on our hydraulic services for maintaining system efficiency and aircraft safety. We handle everything from system checks to complete overhauls, ensuring your aircraft meets the highest standards of operational integrity.

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Start Strong with Reliable Systems

Keep your aircraft’s starting systems in prime condition with S.I.L. Industries. From comprehensive system analysis to repairs and overhauls, our experts ensure your starters operate flawlessly, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

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Need to keep flying

Our rotable part selection can keep you air born. If you have a part not functioning, check with us to see if we have an exchange ready for use. Our rotable parts are overhauled or repaired by certified technicians, tested are ready for installation.

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Tool Calibration

Precision Tools for Precise Operations

Ensure the accuracy of your operations with our tool calibration services. We calibrate a wide range of tools to meet rigorous standards, helping you maintain precision in all your aviation maintenance tasks.

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Air Valves and Fluid Control Valves

Regulate with Confidence

Our comprehensive services for air valves and fluid control valves ensure that your aircraft’s systems are regulated efficiently under all operational conditions. From repairs to replacements, count on us to maintain your valves in top condition.

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Switches and Sensors

Smart Solutions for Critical Monitoring

Keep your aircraft’s operations smart and responsive with our advanced switches and sensors. Ensure critical systems are monitored and controlled accurately to enhance safety and functionality.

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Fuel Transmitters

Transmitting Excellence in Communication and Control

Ensure flawless operation of your aircraft’s communication and control systems with our high-quality transmitters. Designed for reliability, our transmitters provide the communication clarity and precision your operations demand.

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Keep Power Flowing with Reliable Systems

Keep your aircraft's power flowing with our comprehensive services for a varity of altenators. From repairs to replacements, count on us to maintain your alternators in top condition.

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Maintain Optimal Temperatures for Comfort and Efficiency

Our heating solutions for aircraft ensure a comfortable environment and optimal operating temperatures for onboard systems. Whether upgrading or maintaining your heaters, trust S.I.L. Industries for superior service.

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NiCad Battery Servicing and Sales

Powering Your Flights Safely

Rely on our comprehensive NiCad battery services for optimal power and performance. From routine servicing to emergency replacements, our products and services ensure your aircraft’s power systems are at peak efficiency.

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