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Part Number Brand Category Notes
014544 200-300 Sundstrand Hydraulic Pump
024147-000 Saft Battery 539CH-1 / BA35-01
025323-101-01 Sundstrand Fuel Pump 3019044
082268-01902 Olaer Hyd Accumulator 704A34-240-015
099-185-260 Aeronautical Accessories Cargo Hook
099-185-261 Aeronautical Accessories Cargo Hook
099-185-262 Aeronautical Accessories Cargo Hook
099-185-301 Aeronautical Accessories Cargo Hook
099-185-303 Aeronautical Accessories Cargo Hook
099-185-305 Aeronautical Accessories Cargo Hook
099-185-307 Aeronautical Accessories Cargo Hook
099-185-313 Aeronautical Accessories Cargo Hook
099-185-315 Aeronautical Accessories Cargo Hook
099-196-101 Aeronautical Accessories Cargo Hook
1-101055 Koehler Valve S6130-63045-002
1-101055-2 Koehler Valve S6130-63045-002
1-2157-1-M1 Sky Controls Actuator, Wing Float
1/2-2-81-301 Senior Flexonics Flow Valve Test & Clean only
10-1050A Plane Power/Hartzell Alternator AL12/24 60/70 Amp
10-1050C Plane Power Alternator part of SAL12-70C conversion kit
10-176485-241 Bendix Vibrator
10-357487-242 Bendix Vibrator
100-524073-1 Electromech Motor & Gearbox Assy
100-524074-1 Electromech Motor & Gearbox Assy 14F228-1 Aerospace or A41
100-689-1 Delaval Hydraulic Pump
100-689-3 Delaval Hydraulic Pump 100-436B
100-689-4 Delaval Hydraulic Pump
101-521016-2 Electromech Flap, Gearbox
10150 Adel Hyd. Selector Val
10150-1 Adel Hyd. Selector Val
10150-2 Adel Hyd. Selector Val
10150-3 Adel Hyd. Selector Val
10150-4 Adel Hyd. Selector Val
10150-5 Adel Hyd. Selector Val
103680-1 Parker Outflow Valve
103680-2 Parker Outflow Valve
103680-3 Parker Outflow Valve
103680-4 Parker Outflow Valve
103680-5 Parker Outflow Valve
1042 Bendix Voltage Regulator
104796002-004 Dowty Ret. Actuator
104796004 Dowty Retraction Actuator
105476A Prestolite Hydraulic Actuator
10690-1 Dynamic Controller
11-10762 Hydraulic Research Filter Assy
11-10899 Hydraulic Research Filter Assy
1100 DHC/Jarry Tail Wheel Strut
1100-1-471 Revere Camera Elevator Actuator REV-M9-1
1100710 Delco-Remy Alternator
1101876 Delco-Remy Generator
1101898 Delco-Remy Generator
1101899 Delco-Remy Generator
1108249 Delco-Remy Starter
1109656 Delco-Remy Starter
1109657 Delco-Remy Starter
1118902D Delco-Remy Regulator
112-380022-23 Beech Actuator, NLG Jul-12
115-811020-11 Beech Landing Gearbox
115-811020-13 Beech Landing Gearbox
115-811020-3 Beech Landing Gearbox
115-811020-5 Beech Landing Gearbox
115-811020-7 Beech Landing Gearbox
115-811020-9 Beech Landing Gearbox
1152112-2 Honeywell Battery, NiCad
1152268-1 Honeywell Battery, NiCad
116480-20 Curtiss Wright Contactor 161480-20
11C30 Janitrol Ignition Unit
1213-HBG-310 Eastern Ind Hydraulic Pump
1213-HBG-310A Eastern Ind Hydraulic Pump
1213-HBG-311 Eastern Ind Hydraulic Pump
12142-1A Bendix Inverter
12143-1A Bendix Inverter
12143-2A Bendix Inverter
1251T100 Talley Actuator
12520 ECE Contactor
12520-0 ECE Contactor
12520M ECE Contactor
12520M-0 ECE Contactor
1260074-1 Cessna Trim Tab Actuator
12720-1 Sikorsky Control Valve S6165-63551-003
12720-11 Sikorsky Control Valve S6165-63551-003
12720-2 Sikorsky Control Valve S6165-63551-003
12720-21 Sikorsky Control Valve S6165-63551-003
1280103-7 Cessna Hydraulic Pump NEEDS BOTH BOOKS 20240-1CD
129-521050-2 Beech Flap Actuator
129-521051-1 Beech Flap Actuator
129544-001 Ledex Heater Valve 204-070-482-001, 187674-001
129632-1 Goodrich Duct Temp Sensor
12XRP12A G.E. Breaker Old DHC-6 Volume 1
1321-585283 Parker Valve
1337 Bendix Voltage Regulator
1345-3-A Bendix DC Generator
1356-583314 Parker Accumulator
1378-1A Sundstrand Temp Control
1378-1B Sundstrand Temp Control
1381-1-A Bendix Generator
14-97862-02 Curtiss Wright Wiper Motor
14027-1 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
14027-2 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
14027-2L Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
14027-4 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
14027-5 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
14027-6 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
14027-7 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
1416-101-G Bendix Starter
1416-38-F Bendix Starter Various Models Within
1416-6-B Bendix Starter Various Models Within
1475-00-1 Dukes Air Valves
1481-00-1 Dukes Air Valves
1500-22-1 Dukes Fuel Pump
1500-34-1 Dukes Fuel Pump
15082-7 Hydra-Ele Pressure Switch
150SG111Q APC Starter Generator
150SG114Q APC Starter Generator
150SG115Q APC Starter Generator
150SG116Q APC Starter Generator
150SG117Q APC Starter Generator
150SG118Q APC Starter Generator
150SG119Q APC Starter Generator
150SG120Q APC Starter Generator
150SG121Q APC Starter Generator
150SG122Q APC Starter Generator
150SG123Q APC Starter Generator
150SG124Q APC Starter Generator
150SG125Q APC Starter Generator
150SG125Q-2 APC Starter Generator
150SG144Q APC Starter Generator
151CH1 Saft Battery
151CH2 Saft Battery
1532-10A Bendix De-Ice Valve Volume 4
1532-10C Bendix De-Ice Valve Volume 4
1532-2A Bendix De-Ice Valve Volume 4
1532-3A Bendix De-Ice Valve Volume 4
1532-3B Bendix De-Ice Valve Volume 4
1532-3C Bendix De-Ice Valve Volume 4
1532-6A Bendix De-Ice Valve Volume 4
1532-6C Bendix De-Ice Valve Volume 4
1532-8A Bendix De-Ice Valve Volume 4
1532-8C Bendix De-Ice Valve Volume 4
1533-00-1 Dukes Air Valves
1538-00-1 Dukes Air Valves
15410 Wright Solenoid Valve DHC6 Vol 6 Sec 73
15834-2B Eclipse Turn Control
1587-00-1 Dukes Air Valves
1588-00-1 Dukes Air Valves
1588-1-A Bendix Voltage Regulator 1589-1-F
1588-1-B Bendix Voltage Regulator 1589-1-F
1588-1-C Bendix Voltage Regulator 1589-1-F
1588-2-C Bendix Voltage Regulator 1589-1-F
1588-2-D Bendix Voltage Regulator 1589-1-F
1588-2-E Bendix Voltage Regulator 1589-1-F
1589-1-C Bendix Voltage Regulator 1589-1-F
1589-1-D Bendix Voltage Regulator 1589-1-F
1589-1-E Bendix Voltage Regulator 1588-2-E assy p/n
1589-1-F Bendix Voltage Regulator 1588-2-F assy p/n
1589-2-A Bendix Voltage Regulator 1589-1-F
1589-2-F Bendix Voltage Regulator 1589-2-F
1606-00-1 Dukes Air Valves
1606-1 Saft Battery
1628T100-1 Talley Flap Actuator
164A238 Globe Fuel Boost Pump CAN NOT DO EXCHANGE ONLY
1656 Saft Battery
1656-6 Saft Battery
1658-6 Saft Battery AD-1658-6
166 Electrol Flap Actuator
167 Electrol Flap Actuator
169 Electrol Flap Actuator
16BS106-10 Allen Valve, Selector 65317-03006-110
16BS106-9 Allen Valve, Selector 65317-03006-109
170-001-180 MP Breaker
17000 Series Fenwall Temp Probe 17343
17075-2 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook B-60LT
17138-3 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
17149-1 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
17149-10 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
17149-2 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
17149-2L Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
17149-3 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
17149-4 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
17149-5 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
17149-6 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
17149-7 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
17149-8 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
17149-9 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
17172-11 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
17172-12 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
17172-13 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
1740996 Purolator Filter Bowl 1741000
1743640-01 Purolator Fuel Filter assy
1756 Saft Battery 023470-000
17564 Bendix Strut Tail Wheel Grumman G44A
187764-001 Ledex Rotary Selector 129544-001 204-070-482-001 Test/Repair Only
1925-00-3 Dukes Shutoff Valve
1960-00-1 Dukes Shutoff Valve
1960-00-3 Dukes Shutoff Valve 114-380042-21
19902 Adel Fuel Pump
1D-397 Pesco Flow Valve
1D-397-D Pesco Flow Valve
1D-397-DA Pesco Flow Valve
1D-397-E Pesco Flow Valve
1D-397-EA Pesco Flow Valve
1D-397-G Pesco Flow Valve
1E-620 Pesco Hydraulic Gear Pump
1E-678 Pesco Hydraulic Gear Pump
1E-711 Pesco Hydraulic Gear Pump
1E-736 Pesco Hydraulic Gear Pump
1G177-15 CCS Pressure Switch
1G177-7 CCS Pressure Switch
1G177-9 CCS Pressure Switch
200-088-01 Onboard Cargo Hook IAW 204-072-915-025
200-088-10 Onboard Cargo Hook IAW 204-072-915-025
200-089-20 Onboard Cargo Hook IAW 528-020 Series
200-089-21 Onboard Cargo Hook IAW 528-020 Series
200-089-22 Onboard Cargo Hook IAW 528-020 Series
200-246-00 Onboard Cargo Hook IAW 528-020 Series
200-255-01 Onboard Cargo Hook IAW 528-018 Series
200-258-00 Onboard Suspension assy IAW 528-023 Series
200-286-01 Onboard Swing Frame
20081-004 LSI Starter
200SGL111Q APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL111Q-2 APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL111Q-3 APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL112Q APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL114Q APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL115Q APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL115Q-2 APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL117Q APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL118Q APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL119Q APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL119Q-2 APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL120Q APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL121Q APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL124Q APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL129Q APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL129Q-1 APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL129Q-4 APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL129Q-5 APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL129Q-8 APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL130Q APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL132Q APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL142Q APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL144Q APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL145Q APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
200SGL147Q APC Starter Generator 200SGL111Q
2013-1A Radiant Power Battery Pack
20348 Adel Hyd Valve AN6277-4
204-070-907-1 Alco Motor assy XW21173/74-369
204-070-907-2 Alco Motor assy XW21173/74-369
204-072-915-025 Bell Cargo Hook assy 204-072-915-025 and -11
204-072-915-103 Bell Cargo Hook assy 204-072-915-025
206-073-926-107 Bell Relief Valve 101, 103, 105, 107, 109, 111
20610 Adel Fuel Pump
20653-2 Adel Fuel Pump
210-044-00 Onboard Load Cell assy 204-072-915 Suspension System E-47B (Online CMM)
211C117-40 Eaton Pressure Switch
211C117-40A Eaton Pressure Switch
211C223-29 Hydra Electric Pressure Switch 65652-11228-101
211C227-1 Eaton Pressure Switch
211C227-2 Eaton Pressure Switch
211C227-3 Eaton Pressure Switch
211C227-4 Eaton Pressure Switch
211C227-5 Eaton Pressure Switch
211C227-6 Eaton Pressure Switch
211C227-7 Eaton Pressure Switch
211C227-8 Eaton Pressure Switch
211C228-1 Eaton Pressure Switch Test and inspect only
211C228-2 Eaton Pressure Switch Test and inspect only
211C228-4 Eaton Pressure Switch Test and inspect only
211C228-5 Eaton Pressure Switch Test and inspect only
211C228-7 Eaton Pressure Switch Test and inspect only
211C229-1 Eaton Pressure Switch
211C229-10 Eaton Pressure Switch
211C229-2 Eaton Pressure Switch
211C229-3 Eaton Pressure Switch
211C229-6 Eaton Pressure Switch
211C229-7 Eaton Pressure Switch
211C243-12 Eaton Pressure Switch
215-26105-17 Viking Tension Rod assy Proof Load Test
215-26105-18 Viking Tension Rod assy Proof Load Test
2156-2B Autronics Smoke Detector
217363-01 Marotta Air Valves
218C50-3 Eaton Pressure Switch
22A649 Globe Tach generator CAN NOT DO EXCHANGE ONLY
22A656 Globe Tach generator CAN NOT DO EXCHANGE ONLY
22A690 Globe Tach generator CAN NOT DO EXCHANGE ONLY
22A703 Globe Tach generator CAN NOT DO EXCHANGE ONLY GEU-7/A
22A731 Globe Tach generator CAN NOT DO EXCHANGE ONLY 369H4551
22E69-1 Janitrol Temp Control
22E69-3 Janitrol Temp Control
2302-5(M)9 DHC/Jarry Flap Jack C3CF450-5
23031-004 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-010 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-011 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-018 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-025 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-026 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-027 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-028 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-042 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-043 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-044 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-045 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-046 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-047 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-048 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-049 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-051 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-052 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-054 Goodrich Starter Generator
23032-062 Goodrich Starter Generator
23046-001 Goodrich Starter Generator Series I
23046-007 Goodrich Starter Generator Series I
23046-007M Goodrich Starter Generator Series I
23046-009 Goodrich Starter Generator Series I
23046-017 Goodrich Starter Generator Series I
23046-019 Goodrich Starter Generator Series I
23046-020 Goodrich Starter Generator Series I
23046-021 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 2
23046-022 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 2
23046-027 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 2
23046-028 Goodrich Starter Generator Series I
23048-001 Goodrich Starter Generator
23048-004 Goodrich Starter Generator
23048-004M Goodrich Starter Generator
23048-004T Goodrich Starter Generator
23048-004TM Goodrich Starter Generator
23048-006 Goodrich Starter Generator
23048-008 Goodrich Starter Generator
23048-009 Goodrich Starter Generator
23048-016 Goodrich Starter Generator
23048-017 Goodrich Starter Generator
23048-018 Goodrich Starter Generator
23048-020 Goodrich Starter Generator
23048-021 Goodrich Starter Generator
23048-022 Goodrich Starter Generator
23048-023 Goodrich Starter Generator
23048-027 Goodrich Starter Generator
23048-028 Goodrich Starter Generator
23048-046 Goodrich Starter Generator
23064--003 Goodrich Starter Generator
23064-001 Goodrich Starter Generator
23064-009 Goodrich Starter Generator
23064-010 Goodrich Starter Generator
23065-013 Goodrich Starter Generator
23065-013-1 Goodrich Starter Generator
23065-015 Goodrich Starter Generator
23065-015-1 Goodrich Starter Generator
23065-015-2 Goodrich Starter Generator
23065-015-3 Goodrich Starter Generator
23065-018 Goodrich Starter Generator
23065-018-1 Goodrich Starter Generator
23065-018-2 Goodrich Starter Generator
23065-020 Goodrich Starter Generator
23069-013 Goodrich Starter Generator
23069-013-1 Goodrich Starter Generator
23069-015 Goodrich Starter Generator
23069-015-1 Goodrich Starter Generator
23069-016 Goodrich Starter Generator
23069-016-1 Goodrich Starter Generator
23069-020 Goodrich Starter Generator
23069-020-1 Goodrich Starter Generator
23069-021 Goodrich Starter Generator
23076-001 Goodrich Starter Generator
23076-001-1 Goodrich Starter Generator
23076-004 Goodrich Starter Generator
23076-004-1 Goodrich Starter Generator
23076-005 Goodrich Starter Generator
23078-003 Goodrich Starter Generator
23078-003-1 Goodrich Starter Generator
23078-005 Goodrich Starter Generator
23078-005-1 Goodrich Starter Generator
23078-006 Goodrich Starter Generator
23078-007 Goodrich Starter Generator
23078-008 Goodrich Starter Generator
23078-009 Goodrich Starter Generator
23078-010 Goodrich Starter Generator
23078-011 Goodrich Starter Generator
23078-012 Goodrich Starter Generator
23078-019 Goodrich Starter Generator
23078-020 Goodrich Starter Generator
23079-000 Goodrich Starter Generator
23079-000-1 Goodrich Starter Generator
23079-000-2 Goodrich Starter Generator
23079-002 Goodrich Starter Generator
23079-002-1 Goodrich Starter Generator
23079-003 Goodrich Starter Generator
23079-004 Goodrich Starter Generator
23079-005 Goodrich Starter Generator
23079-006 Goodrich Starter Generator
23079-007 Goodrich Starter Generator
23079-009 Goodrich Starter Generator
23079-010 Goodrich Starter Generator
23079-019 Goodrich Starter Generator
23080-001-1 Goodrich Starter Generator
23080-002 Goodrich Starter Generator Series IV
23080-003 Goodrich Starter Generator
23080-003-1 Goodrich Starter Generator
23080-004 Goodrich Starter Generator Series IV
23080-005 Goodrich Starter Generator Series II
23080-005-1 Goodrich Starter Generator Series II
23080-006 Goodrich Starter Generator Series II
23080-013 Goodrich Starter Generator Series III
23080-013A Goodrich Starter Generator Series III
23080-013B Goodrich Starter Generator Series III
23080-014 Goodrich Starter Generator Series III
23080-014A Goodrich Starter Generator Series III
23080-015 Goodrich Starter Generator Series II
23080-023 Goodrich Starter Generator Series IV
23080-023A Goodrich Starter Generator Series IV
23080-023B Goodrich Starter Generator Series IV
23080-025 Goodrich Starter Generator
23080-025-1 Goodrich Starter Generator
23080-031 Goodrich Starter Generator Series V
23080-032 Goodrich Starter Generator Series V
23080-050 Goodrich Starter Generator Series II
23080-056 Goodrich Starter Generator Series IV
23080-058 Goodrich Starter Generator Series IV
23080-059 Goodrich Starter Generator Series IV
23080-064 Goodrich Starter Generator Series II
23080-066 Goodrich Starter Generator Series IV
23080-067 Goodrich Starter Generator Series IV
23080-075 Goodrich Starter Generator Series IV
23081-001 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-002 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-003 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-004 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-007 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-008 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-011 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-011-1 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-012 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-012-1 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-017 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-018 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-022 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-022A Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-023 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-023A Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-024 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-042 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-043 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-056 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-057 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-059 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-063 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-069 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-070 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-072 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23081-073 Goodrich Starter Generator Series 1
23085-001 Goodrich Starter Generator
23085-002 Goodrich Starter Generator
23085-003 Goodrich Starter Generator
23085-004 Goodrich Starter Generator
23085-004-1 Goodrich Starter Generator
23085-009 Goodrich Starter Generator
23085-013 Goodrich Starter Generator
23085-014 Goodrich Starter Generator
23085-015 Goodrich Starter Generator
23085-024 Goodrich Starter Generator
23085-025 Goodrich Starter Generator
23085-029 Goodrich Starter Generator
23085-030 Goodrich Starter Generator
23085-031 Goodrich Starter Generator
23088-001 Goodrich Starter Generator
23088-002 Goodrich Starter Generator
23088-003 Goodrich Starter Generator
23088-004 Goodrich Starter Generator
23088-006 Goodrich Starter Generator
23088-008 Goodrich Starter Generator
23088-009 Goodrich Starter Generator
23088-010 Goodrich Starter Generator
23091-001 Goodrich Starter Generator
23091-002 Goodrich Starter Generator
23091-003 Goodrich Starter Generator
23091-004 Goodrich Starter Generator
23092-001 Safran Starter Generator
23092-002 Safran Starter Generator
23095-002 Goodrich Starter Generator
2311M-208 Rosemount Wiper assy
2311M49-51 Rosemount Motor assy
2311M51 Rosemount Motor assy
2311M87 Alco Motor assy XW21125-M1/2
2311M95-97 Alco Motor assy XW21160
2311M96-1 Alco Motor assy
2312M-30 Rosemount Wiper assy
2312M-35 Rosemount Wiper assy
2312M-38 Rosemount Wiper assy
2312M-41 Rosemount Wiper assy
2312M-45 Rosemount Wiper assy
2312M-47 Rosemount Wiper assy
2312M-55 Rosemount Wiper assy
2312M-57 Rosemount Wiper assy
2312M-62 Rosemount Wiper assy
2312M-67 Rosemount Wiper assy
2312M30-7 Rosemount Converter assy XW20345
23160 Saft Battery
23175 Saft Battery
23176 Saft Battery
23180 Saft Battery CJPN-3000
23186 Saft Battery CJPN-3000
232-145-25 Onboard Swing Frame
232-289-00 Onboard Load Cell assy 210-122-00
23344 Wipaire Actuator DHC
23350 Wipaire Actuator DHC
23358-5 DHC Valve Latch
23396 Saft Battery
2342 Spectrum Pressure Switch
23700 Goodrich Starter Generator
2371 Saft Battery
2376 Saft Battery
24 E88 Janitrol Pressure Regulator 114-380042-17
24461 DHC Lock, Main Wheel
250F17 CC Switch 205-061-635-005 TESTONLY
250F17-1 CC Switch 205-061-635-005 TESTONLY
250F17-2 CC Switch 205-061-635-005 TESTONLY
2520 Saft Battery
2520-0 ECE Contactor
2520-M ECE Contactor
2520M-0 ECE Contactor
263BA101 Acme Aerospace Battery
26440051 Vap Air Air Valves
26830838 Ronson Valve, Inline 209-072-433-001
26950 Adel Hyd Hand Pump AN62101-1
26D71 Janitrol Blower Motor
27-Jun Electromech Flap Motor 100-384040 / 50-364090-46
27014-3 Airesearch Linear Actuator
2726CH1/5912855-01 Saft Battery
2758 Saft Battery
276CH1 Saft Battery
2778 Saft Battery
27D39 Janitrol Blower Motor
28111-004 Marathon Battery Model CA-27-20C
2820 Spectrum Pressure Switch
28VS200Y-13 Chatham Converter assy MS2816-1 / 65550-12021-1
29802 Koehler Drain Valve
2A20B Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook See 17149
2CM306D2 G.E. Starter Generator
2CM306D3 G.E. Starter Generator
2CM5 Series G.E. Tach generator AN5531-1
2CM7AAA1 G.E. Tach generator AN5531-2
2CM7AAN1 G.E. Tach generator AN5531-2
2CM7AAN2 G.E. Tach generator AN5531-2
2CM9AAA1 G.E. Tach generator AN5531-2
2CM9AAA2 G.E. Tach generator AN5531-2
2CM9AAA6 G.E. Tach generator AN5531-2
2CM9AAB1 G.E. Tach generator AN5534
2CM9AAC1 G.E. Tach generator AN5531-2
2CM9AAC2 G.E. Tach generator AN5531-2
2CM9AAC6 G.E. Tach generator AN5531-2
2CM9AAF2 G.E. Tach generator AN5531-2
2CM9AAH-3 G.E. Tach generator
2CM9AAN7 G.E. Tach generator AN5531-2
2P-R-400-BLW Pesco Fuel Pumps
2P-R400-BLYA Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR400-BRD-1 Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR400-BRD-2 Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR400-BRD-3 Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR400-BRD-4 Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR400-BRD-5 Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR400-BRDB Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR400-BRDC Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR600CWB Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR600CWB-1 Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR600CWS Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR600CWS-1 Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR600CWS-2 Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR600CWS-3 Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR600CWS-4 Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR600CWT Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR600CWT-1 Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR600CWT-2 Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR600CWT-3 Pesco Fuel Pumps
2PR600CWX Pesco Fuel Pumps
30-0467-1 Grimes Position light
30-0467-5 Grimes Position light
30-0849-1 Grimes Position light
30-0849-11 Grimes Position light
30-0849-13 Grimes Position light
30-0849-15 Grimes Position light
30-0849-17 Grimes Position light
30-0849-19 Grimes Position light
30-0849-21 Grimes Position light
30-0849-3 Grimes Position light
30-0849-5 Grimes Position light
30-0849-7 Grimes Position light
30-0849-9 Grimes Position light
30-1192-13 Grimes Nav Light
30-1192-5 Grimes Nav Light
30-1192-7 Grimes Nav Light
30-1192-9 Grimes Nav Light
30-1329-1 Grimes Position light
30-1329-3 Grimes Position light
30-1329-4 Grimes Position light
30-1329-5 Grimes Position light
30-1329-6 Grimes Position light
30-1467-1 Grimes Position light
30-1467-11 Grimes Position light
30-1467-13 Grimes Position light
30-1467-15 Grimes Position light
30-1467-17 Grimes Position light
30-1467-17M Grimes Position light
30-1467-19 Grimes Position light
30-1467-19M Grimes Position light
30-1467-21 Grimes Position light
30-1467-23 Grimes Position light
30-1467-3 Grimes Position light
30-1467-5 Grimes Position light
30-1467-7 Grimes Position light
30-1467-9 Grimes Position light
301 Mechanical Specialties Cargo Hook AKA P/N: 3-1
3010820 Kollsman Tach generator A5278110302
304 Spectrum Pressure Switch 6430-62102-101
305394-2-1 Garrett Speed Switch
305394-2-2 Garrett Speed Switch
305394-2-3 Garrett Speed Switch
306001 Michigan Dynamics Fuel Filter assy
306002 Michigan Dynamics Fuel Filter assy
306005 Michigan Dynamics Fuel Filter assy
306008 Michigan Dynamics Fuel Filter assy
306009 Michigan Dynamics Fuel Filter assy
306050 Michigan Dynamics Fuel Filter assy
306051 Michigan Dynamics Fuel Filter assy
306055 Michigan Dynamics Fuel Filter assy
30905 Futurecraft Squib Valve 20022988
30B24-1-A Bendix DC Generator
30E01-1-A Bendix Generator
30E01-2-A Bendix Generator
30E01-3-A Bendix Generator
30E16-1C & 11C Bendix DC Generator
30E20-61A Bendix Starter Generator
30E22-1-B Bendix DC Generator
3100829-01 P & W Bleed Air Valve 3021384A
3100829-03 P & W Bleed Air Valve 3021384A
3100923-01 P & W Bleed Air Valve 3021384A
3100923-02 P & W Bleed Air Valve 3021384A
3110 Bendix Warning Units
3111 Bendix Warning Units
3112 Bendix Warning Units
3120 Bendix Warning Units
3123 Bendix Warning Units
3124 Bendix Warning Units
312BS801-1 Acme Aerospace Battery assy # 312BS101-1
31342-001 Goodrich Starter Generator
31342-003 Goodrich Starter Generator
3135-16E-30 Bendix Pressure Switch
314-39A Bendix Generator
31534-1 Electromech Linear Actuator
318-00040 Edison Transmitter
318-02020 Edison Transmitter
31972-1 Airesearch Linear Actuator
32005-007 AAE Tach generator 206-062-627-003
32005-008 AAE Tach generator 206-062-627-003
32005-023 AAE Tach generator 206-062-627-003
32005-025 AAE Tach generator 206-062-627-003
32005-026 AAE Tach generator 206-062-627-003
32005-030 AAE Tach generator 206-062-627-003
32005-034 AAE Tach generator 206-062-627-003
32005-037 AAE Tach generator 206-062-627-003
32010-000 AAE Tach generator
320295-1 Whittaker Bleed Air Valve DHC- Vol 1
32050-000 AAE Tach generator
3214-31 Diehl Battery
32164-000 AAE Tach generator H60-000
32164-005 AAE Tach generator
32164-007 AAE Tach generator
32164-010 AAE Tach generator
32164-012 AAE Tach generator
32164-015 AAE Tach generator
32192-001(Miliary) Marathon Battery
32335-1 Airesearch DC Motor
32424-A Electric AL Relay
3301-31 Diehl Battery
33183-001 Marathon Battery M3
3400-22 Diehl Emergency Light Power Unit
34636-2 Airesearch Rotary Actuator
3499H Fairey Undercarriage
35-364151-57 Beech Flap motor gearbox
3501H Fairey Undercarriage
3567749-1501 Bendix Transmitter
3567749-4001 Bendix Transmitter 7749-40A5-1
3567749-4003 Bendix Transmitter
3567749-6001 Bendix Transmitter
3567749-6505 Bendix Transmitter
3567749-9401 Bendix Transmitter
3567749-9402 Bendix Transmitter
3567749-9502 Bendix Transmitter
3567749-9601 Bendix Transmitter
3567758-6501 Bendix Transmitter
3567758-6503 Bendix Transmitter
371-007-002 Sikorsky Pressure Transmitter TEST ONLY
3727H1 APME Filter Assy
3811H Fairey Undercarriage
391037-03201 Simmonds Fuel Probe INSPECT and TEST ONLY
391043-03001 Simmonds Fuel Probe INSPECT and TEST ONLY
391087-03081 Simmonds Fuel Probe INSPECT and TEST ONLY
391087-03082 Simmonds Fuel Probe INSPECT and TEST ONLY
391087-03083 Simmonds Fuel Probe INSPECT and TEST ONLY
391087-03084 Simmonds Fuel Probe INSPECT and TEST ONLY
391087-03085 Simmonds Fuel Probe INSPECT and TEST ONLY
391088-002 Simmonds Fuel Indicator INSPECT and TEST ONLY
391088-003 Simmonds Fuel Indicator INSPECT and TEST ONLY
391088-004 Simmonds Fuel Indicator INSPECT and TEST ONLY
391088-005 Simmonds Fuel Indicator INSPECT and TEST ONLY
391088-006 Simmonds Fuel Indicator INSPECT and TEST ONLY
393008-046 Simmonds Fuel Indicator
3935 Pneudrualics Shutoff Valve
397 Eclipse Starter
3D1472 Goodrich Prop Heat Timer
3D2353-05 Goodrich De-Ice Valve
3D2353-06 Goodrich De-Ice Valve
3D2353-61 Goodrich De-Ice Valve
3D2353-64 Goodrich De-Ice Valve
3E1150-10 Goodrich De-Ice Valve
3E1150-3 Goodrich De-Ice Valve Series 2, 3, 10 and 12
3E1964-3 Goodrich Timer
3GTR72C1A G.E. Relay
3P-194 Pesco Vacuum Pump 3P194F
3P-207 Pesco Vacuum Pump 3P207C
3P-207C Pesco Vacuum Pump
3PL181 Airscrew Axial Blower
3V-195 Pesco Relief Valve
40-0100-1 Grimes Nav Light
40-0100-11 Grimes Nav Light
40-0100-13 Grimes Nav Light
40-0100-17 Grimes Nav Light
40-0100-19 Grimes Nav Light
40-0100-21 Grimes Nav Light
40-0100-23 Grimes Nav Light
40-0100-25 Grimes Nav Light
40-0100-27 Grimes Nav Light
40-0100-29 Grimes Nav Light
40-0100-3 Grimes Nav Light
40-0100-31 Grimes Nav Light
40-0100-5 Grimes Nav Light
40-0100-7 Grimes Nav Light
40-0100-9 Grimes Nav Light
400217-7 Bell Relief Valve 101, 103, 105, 107, 109, 111
40176-4 Saft Battery
40176-7 Saft Battery
40178-24 Saft Battery 4078-3, 4078-24, 40178-26
40208-1 Saft Battery
40208-5 Saft Battery
40308-1 Saft Battery
4037CH Saft Battery
4059 Saft Battery
405CH Saft Battery
40678-2 Saft Battery, NiCad
4076 Saft Battery
409CH2 Saft Battery, NiCad
41000720 HR Textron Check Valve
4101 Titan Fuel Pump AN4101
414-01041 Edison Oil Press T-mitter
4140-00-11 Dukes Fuel Pump
4140-00-17 Dukes Fuel Pump
4140-00-21 Dukes Fuel Pump
4140-00-57 Dukes Fuel Pump
416487 Saft Battery 447CH8
418-00044 Edison Oil Press T-mitter
418-00061 Edison Oil Press T-mitter
418-00084 Edison Oil Press T-mitter
418-02084 Edison Oil Press T-mitter
418-04014 Edison Oil Press T-mitter
418-04024 Edison Transmitter
418-04034 Edison Torque Transmitter
41850A Grimes SearchLight
4200 Slick Magneto 4251
42D165 CCS Pressure Switch
42D218 CCS Pressure Switch Test Only
42DG119 CCS Pressure Switch
42G119-3 CCS Pressure Switch
4300 Slick Magneto 4371, 4370, 4372
430RDH-6 Electrol Hydraulic Pump C2CF1991AND
447CH8 Saft Battery 416487
45-0013-3 Grimes SearchLight Alt # G5400
45-0013-5 Grimes SearchLight Alt # G5400
45-0013-7 Grimes SearchLight Alt # G5400
45-0019 Grimes SearchLight
45-0019-1 Grimes SearchLight
45-0019-15 Grimes SearchLight
45-0019-3 Grimes SearchLight
45-0128-3 Grimes SearchLight
45-0148-10 Grimes SearchLight
45-0148-3 Grimes SearchLight
45-0148-4 Grimes SearchLight
45-0148-7 Grimes SearchLight
45-0148-8 Grimes SearchLight
45-0148-9 Grimes SearchLight
45-0182 Grimes SearchLight
45-0202-1 Grimes SearchLight Grimes
4500 Scott Park Brake
4545-00-5 Dukes Air Valves 209-072-433-101 209-072-433-005
4579 Saft Battery BA06-01 / 018550-000
458-4D27-6 Republic Check Valve AN6207-4
46005 Fairey Cylinder tube
46063 Fairey Cylinder Housing
465C-62NSW Auto Valve Drain Valve
46800 Clifford Oil Reg Valve
47750 Abg-Semca Blower Motor 50-55PFA2
486-4D2-2 Republic Check Valve Series 480 and 490
4E1526 Goodrich De-Ice Slip Ring 4E1555-1
4V23B1136 ITT Fuel Flow Valve CON724D28231-301
50-364090-46 Electromech Flap, Gearbox
50-389057-1 Electromech Tach generator Same as TG255-002 / EM8001
50-389121-3 Beech Pressure Switch
50-521222-3 Raytheon Actuator
50-521222-4 Raytheon Actuator
500702-4491 Joy Blower Assy
501-1228-01 Goodrich Battery Pack Model PS-835
501-1228-04 Grimes Emerg Power Supply Model PS-835
501-1712-02 Grimes Emerg Power Supply Model PS-850/855
51065-013 LSI Voltage Regulator
51065-014 LSI Voltage Regulator
51509-002 Goodrich Voltage Regulator
51509-002A Goodrich Voltage Regulator
51509-002B Goodrich Voltage Regulator
51509-002R Goodrich Voltage Regulator
51509-004A LSI DC Gen Control
51530-006 LSI DC Gen Control
51530-006A LSI DC Gen Control
51530-006B LSI DC Gen Control
51530-007 LSI DC Gen Control
51530-007A LSI DC Gen Control
51530-007B LSI DC Gen Control
51530-007D LSI DC Gen Control
51530-008 LSI DC Gen Control
51538-001A LSI DC Gen Control
51538-001B LSI DC Gen Control
51538-001C LSI DC Gen Control
51538-001D LSI DC Gen Control
51539-007A LSI DC Gen Control
51539-007B LSI DC Gen Control
52-2889-016A Janitrol Filter Assy
528-002-00 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-010-04 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-010-05 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-010-06 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-010-07 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-010-08 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-017-00 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-017-01 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-018-02 Onboard Cargo Hook IAW 528-18-01 SB
528-018-03 Onboard Cargo Hook IAW 528-18-01 SB
528-018-05 Onboard Cargo Hook IAW 528-18-01 SB
528-018-06 Onboard Cargo Hook IAW 528-18-01 SB
528-019-00 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-019-01 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-019-05 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-019-07 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-020-00 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-020-01 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-020-02 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-020-03 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-020-04 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-020-05 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-020-06 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-020-07 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-020-08 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-020-10 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-020-11 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-020-12 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-020-14 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-023-00 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-023-01 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-023-03 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-023-51 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-027-01 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-028-00 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-028-01 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-028-55 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-028-57 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-029-00 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-029-01 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-029-02 Onboard Cargo Hook
528-029-60 Onboard Cargo Hook
5347CH1 Saft Battery 024797-000
542-030 Auxilec Generator
55895-1 Adel Fuel Boost Pump
58250-1 Sterer Master Brake Cylinder 76250-01101-102
588-10D1 Parker Valve
5BA25 G.E. Flap Motor BA-25
60-1321-1 Grimes Battery Pack
60-1321-5 Grimes Battery Pack
60-1431 Grimes Strobe pwr sply
60-1750-3 Grimes Flash pwr sply
60-1750-7 Grimes Flash pwr sply
60-2799-1 Grimes Power Supply
60-2799-13 Grimes Power Supply
60-2799-3 Grimes Power Supply
60-2799-5 Grimes Power Supply
60-2799-7 Grimes Power Supply
60-2799-9 Grimes Power Supply
60-3274-1 Grimes Power Supply
60-3274-5 Grimes Power Supply
60-3757-1 Grimes Power Supply
60-3757-3 Grimes Power Supply
60-3757-5 Grimes Power Supply
601 Mechanical Specialties Cargo Hook
6041H105A Cutler Hammer Relay 6041H105
6041H170A Cutler Hammer Relay AN3370-2
6041H189 Eaton Relay 6041H217 6041H189
6041H193 Eaton Relay
6041H202 Eaton Relay Also MS24171-D2
6041H203A Eaton Relay MS24172-D/AN3371-1
6041H215 Eaton Relay Also MS24171-D1
6042H Eaton Relay
6046H Eaton Relay 5M50D7
61-0478-1 Grimes Power Supply
610G33 CCS Pressure Switch TEST ONLY
6111 Mechanical Specialties Cargo Hook
6200 Slick Magneto
627 DHC Valve AN6245A4
627-1 DHC Valve
627L-800 DHC Valve
628 DHC Valve AN6245AB4, AN6245B4
628-1 DHC Valve AN6245AB4, AN6245B4
6300 Slick Magneto 6310
63097 Abex Hydraulic Pump APO9V-16
633962 TCM Alternator ES4000
6430-62102-101 Spectrum Pressure Switch
646238-2 Kelly Starter TCM
646275 Kelly Starter
646304 TCM Alternator Order CMM if needed
646843 TCM Alternator Order CMM if needed
649304 TCM Alternator Order CMM if needed
65-5045-3 Nash Boost Pump 6430-62014-012
65155-00017-106 Sikorsky Transducer BIM Assy
65435 Bendix Shock Strut, Main 17510
65652-11228-101 Hydra-Ele Pressure Switch 211C223-29
656802 Hartzell Alternator ES10024
657199 Hartzell Alternator ES7024
65923 Bendix Shock Strut, Tail
65A120 Globe Linear Actuator CAN NOT DO EXCHANGE ONLY 206-062-721-001 204-060-762-001
65A124 Globe Linear Actuator CAN NOT DO EXCHANGE ONLY 206-060-762-001
65A150 Globe Linear Actuator CAN NOT DO EXCHANGE ONLY 206-062-721-003
65A173 Globe Linear Actuator CAN NOT DO EXCHANGE ONLY 206-062-721-113
65A181 Globe Linear Actuator CAN NOT DO EXCHANGE ONLY 206-062-721-109
6607-02-12 Eaton Pressure Switch
6607-1-105 Eaton Pressure Switch
6607-1-41 Eaton Pressure Switch TEST ONLY
6607-1-83 Eaton Pressure Switch
6607-1-83A Eaton Pressure Switch
6607-1-86 Eaton Pressure Switch
6607-1-90 Eaton Pressure Switch
6607-1?16 Eaton Pressure Switch
6607-2-102 Eaton Pressure Switch
6607-2-12A Eaton Pressure Switch
6607-2?1 Eaton Pressure Switch TEST ONLY
6607-2?13 Eaton Pressure Switch
6607-3-126 Eaton Pressure Switch
6607-3?21 Eaton Pressure Switch
6607-6-28A Eaton Pressure Switch
6607,6607H CCS Pressure Switch S6135-20388-002
6607A-1-134 Eaton Pressure Switch
6607A-3-185 Eaton Pressure Switch
6607A3-22 Condec Pressure Switch
6607A3-99 Condec Pressure Switch
6607P9-53 Eaton Pressure Switch 6607P9-6A
6607P9-6A Condec Pressure Switch 6607P9-53
662423 Sperry Sync Generator
664 Slick Magneto
66A173 Globe Linear Actuator CAN NOT DO EXCHANGE ONLY
66WAN200 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump 66WBL200
66WAN200-1 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump 66WAP200
66WAN200-2 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump 66WAP200
66WAP200 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump 66WAP200
66WAP200-1 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump 66WAP200
66WAP200-2 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump 66WAP200
67050-2 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
6752-13 Klixon Circuit Breaker 214-175-148-101(Test Only)
67A025 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
67A030 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
67A030-2 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
67A050 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
67A258 Globe Actuator, Rotary CAN NOT DO EXCHANGE ONLY 206-062-625-003
67B025 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
67C050-3 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
67D050-3 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
67F050 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
67F050-3 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
67P100-3 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
67R100-3 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
67WA200-3 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
67WAB200 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
67WAS300 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
67WB200-3 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
67WL200-2 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
67WL350 Stratopower Hydraulic Pump
68A258 Globe Actuator, Rotary CAN NOT DO EXCHANGE ONLY
692 Eclipse Vacuum Pump
692545 VAlcor Solenoid Valve V5000-161
7-101005 Koehler Valve S6130-63049-000
7-101014 Koehler Valve S6130-63048-000
7-101025 Koehler Valve S6130-63047-000
700246 AAE Check Valve
70623-1 Adel Fuel Pump
70D10 Janitrol Fuel Pump
71154 Crane Fuel Boost Pump
7185-13 General Design Linear Actuator 206-062-721-011 206-062-721-013
7185-15 General Design Linear Actuator 206-062-721-011 206-062-721-013
72266-3 Crane Fuel Pump and Canister 85816
72368-1 Crane Fuel Boost Pump
72390-2 Crane Fuel Pump and Canister 85816
72443 Crane Fuel Boost Pump
7264-570 Leach Relay
754751-1 Hamilton Standard Bypass Valve ** Valve only **
754751-2 Hamilton Standard Bypass Valve ** Valve only **
754751-3 Hamilton Standard Bypass Valve ** Valve only **
754751-4 Hamilton Standard Bypass Valve ** Valve only **
754900-10 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
754900-11 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
754900-12 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
754900-13 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
754900-2 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
754900-3 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
754900-4 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
754900-5 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
754900-6 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
754900-7 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
754900-8 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
754900-9 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
7555T Jasco Alternator J12M24SP, TEST ONLY
756-10C Bendix Starter
756-16G Bendix Starter
756-21C Bendix Starter 756-10C AN4116L1
756-22C Bendix Starter
756-22G Bendix Starter
756-74G Bendix Starter
764685-1 Hamilton Standard Pressure Switch 76900-01805-101
764685-2 Hamilton Standard Pressure Switch 76900-01805-102
76550-01010-101 Tempo Inst Heater Controller 94316
7707-111A25-1 Bendix Pressure Transmitter Install Snubbers !
7707-2-C5-1 Bendix Pressure Transmitter
7707-2-D5-1 Bendix Pressure Transmitter
7707-30-A23-1 Bendix Pressure Transmitter
7707-30-B8-2 Bendix Pressure Transmitter
7707-30-D5-1 Bendix Pressure Transmitter
7707-30-D5-2 Bendix Pressure Transmitter
7707-7-A5-1 Bendix Pressure Transmitter
7707-99-A5-1 Bendix Pressure Transmitter
7740-00381 Simmonds Tank Unit Same as EA470B
780876-1 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
780876-2 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
780876-3 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
780876-4 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
780876-5 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
780876-6 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
780876-7 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
780876-8 Hamilton Standard Rotary Actuator
78451 Airesearch Controller
7G1105 CCS Pressure Switch
7G186 CCS Pressure Switch TEST ONLY
7G196-1 CCS Pressure Switch
7G247 CCS Switch
7G500 CCS Pressure Switch TEST ONLY
7G504 CCS Pressure Switch TEST ONLY
7G547 CCS Pressure Switch TEST ONLY
7G548 CCS Pressure Switch TEST ONLY
7G63 CCS Pressure Switch TEST ONLY
7G98-1 CCS Pressure Switch TEST ONLY
8060-140 Auxilec Starter Generator
8060-140-1 Auxilec Starter Generator
8060-141 Auxilec Starter Generator
8060-141-1 Auxilec Starter Generator
8060-150 Auxilec Starter Generator
8060-160 Auxilec Starter Generator
8222M2 CEF/CAlco Linear Actuator
8222M6 CEF/CAlco Linear Actuator
8222M7 CEF/CAlco Linear Actuator
8240 Southwind Heater
8259 Southwind Heater
8377M2 CEF/CAlco Linear Actuator
8377M23 CEF/CAlco Linear Actuator
8377M7 CEF/CAlco Linear Actuator
85816 Crane Fuel Pump 72266-3, 72390-2
8A04000-020 Wipaire Oleo Main Gear Check online for updates
8G1024 CC Switch TEST ONLY
8G506 CCS Pressure Switch TEST ONLY
8TJ17ANN3 G.E. Fuel X-mitter TJ-17ANN3
90-0091-7 Grimes Wiper assy
90-0091-71 Grimes Wiper assy
90-0091-9 Grimes Wiper assy
90-0094 Grimes Wiper assy
90-0097-11 Grimes Wiper assy
90-380001-29 Beech Brake Master Cylander CM-1000-31, 90-380001-33
90-380001-33 Beech Brake Master Cylander
90-380009-7 Gull Fuel Flow Transmtr 150-906-002
9000591 Delco Voltage Regulator 1116399
903J789-1 Westinghouse DC Generator
9054-3-A Bendix Fuel Flowmeter Tx
9054-4-A Bendix Fuel Flowmeter Tx
9054-5-A Bendix Fuel Flowmeter Tx
9133-25-B1 Bendix Fuel Transmitter
9133-54-A1 Bendix Fuel Transmitter AS-54
9133-54-B1 Bendix Fuel Transmitter
9135 Chandler Fuel Pump
92DR147 CCS Pressure Indicator
930-500-25 Luminator Landing Light
930-500-50 Luminator Landing Light
930-500-50-1 Liminator SearchLight
940 Southwind Heater
94316 Tempo Inst Heater Controller 76550-01010-101
94E56-2 Janitrol Blower Motor CD21402(Universal Motor)HET
9565H2 Eaton Relay
9696 Sermat Fan Motor
979142-1-1 Airesearch Valve 209-072-433-003
979142-3-1 Airesearch Valve 209-072-433-003
979142-6-1 Airesearch Valve 209-072-433-003
979460-1-1 Airesearch Valve
979460-2-1 Airesearch Valve
979460-4-1 Airesearch Valve
97D34 Janitrol Pressure Switch
98D48-3 Janitrol Defog Motor
99-524025-7 Beech Flap Motor
9910592-2 Cessna Alternator C611505-0201
9A1746 Globe Fuel Boost Pump CAN NOT DO EXCHANGE ONLY 164A238
A-1077 Hartman Relay
A-1077AAP Hartman RCR
A-1077B Hartman Relay
A-1077D Hartman Relay
A-1077F Hartman Relay
A-1077W Hartman Relay
A-2042C Hartman PDU
A-2043C Hartman Relay
A-701D Hartman RCR
A-711JDC Hartman Relay A711JDC
A-7535 Delco Fuel Pump
A11C30 Janitrol Ignition Unit
A24A9221 Westinghouse Blower Motor
A24A9238 Westinghouse Blower Motor X702-287 Electromech AVR35-27D815
A280-1 Shaw Aero Drain Valve
A280-2 Shaw Aero Drain Valve AF11C-9
A37D88 Janitrol Heater A37D88, 07E94-1, B3040 COVERS "B" SERIES HEATERS
A4949 Delco Motor
A501J25-1 Westinghouse DC Generator
A5026780 HPI Hydraulic Pump
A50J251-4 Westinghouse DC Generator
A52781-10-302 Kollsman Tach generator 3010820
A6010 Weldon Hydraulic Pump
A700 Hartman RCR AN3025-1
A7008 Delco Motor
A700A Hartman RCR AN3025-1
A700AAP Hartman RCR A-700AP
A700AP Hartman RCR A-700AAP and AN3025-300
A700AW Hartman RCR
A700ZC-7 Hartman RCR 205-075-642-001
A700ZG Hartman RCR
A7018 Delco Motor
A703B Hartman RCR
A70D10-19 Janitrol Fuel Pump
A718 Hartman RCR AN3025-1
A718AP Hartman RCR
A7516 Delco Motor
A770N Hartman RCR
A770Q Hartman RCR
A770RH Hartman RCR
A770RM Hartman RCR
A770W Hartman RCR
A770WN Hartman RCR
A927A Hartman Relay, Overvoltage
A927C Hartman Relay, Overvoltage
A9373 Delco Motor
AA-60321-R Vickers Hydraulic Pump
AA-60321-R2A Vickers Hydraulic Pump
AA-60321-RA Vickers Hydraulic Pump
AA-65321-R2A Vickers Hydraulic Pump
AA-65321-RA Vickers Hydraulic Pump
AD-40176-7 Aero Design Battery
AD23180 Aero Design Battery
AD2758 Aero Design Battery AD-1656
AF11C-9 Shaw Aero Drain Valve A280-2
AG34 Ontic Tach generator GEU-7/A
AG44 Ontic Tach generator
AH-965B Hartman Contactor
AH-965G Hartman Relay 212-075-199-001
AH-965H Hartman Contactor, Intermittent 212-075-199-001
AIR112104 APH Nose Cylinder
AIR116514 APH Plunger Tube
AIR116516 APH Plunger Tube
AIR117532 APH Axle
AIR157754 APH Main Cylinder
AIR46200 APH Main Leg
AIR46202 APH Nose Leg
AIR46470 APH Main Leg
AIR48280 APH Nose Leg
AIR48934 APH Main Leg
AIR48958 APH Main Leg
AIR83002 APH Main Leg
AIR83006 APH Main Leg
AIR87224-0 APH Main Leg
ALE Kelly Alternator ALU8521-R ALU8421ECH ALV9510R
ALH Kelly Alternator
ALM Kelly Alternator
ALT Kelly Alternator
ALU Kelly Alternator
ALV Kelly Alternator ALV-9610, ES-10024
ALV-9510 Hartzell Alternator
ALV-9610 Plane Power Alternator
ALX-9424 Kelly Alternator
ALX-9500 Kelly Alternator
ALY Kelly Alternator
ALZ Kelly Alternator
AN3025-1 Westinghouse RCR A-700, 700A, 718
AN3025-300 Hartman RCR
AN3212-1 Bendix Switch 10-32891-1
AN3370-1 Leach Relay Also MS24171-D2
AN3370-2 Leach Relay 6041H170A / MS24171-D1
AN3371-1 Eaton Relay MS24172-D/6041H203A
AN4101 Titan Fuel Pump Model G9 (CHill) CH4103-23
AN4102-1 Chandler Fuel Pump AKA CE9159 Series
AN5531-1 G.E. Tach generator See 2CM Series
AN5544-3 G.E. Tach generator See 2CM Series
AN5786-1 G.E. Flap Transmitter
AN6201-1 Adel/Teledyne Hyd. Hand pump
AN6207-4 Republic Valve same as 458-4D27-6
AN6210-1 Adel Hyd Selector Valve Same as 10150 Series
AN6245AB4 Ozone Relief Valve 627L-800
AN6248-2 Adel/Teledyne Hyd. Hand pump
AN6249-4 Parker Flow Valve 10-1547-4 Test Only
AN6277-4 Adel Hyd Valve 20348
ANG Kelly Alternator
Apr-76 Saft Battery
APTE-138A Kulite Transmitter
APTE-2-2250-85D Kulite Transmitter
AS21-5-7 Siren Cargo Hook
ATM-1 Pow-R-Tron Alternator N300
AV-1 Janitrol Fuel Valve
AV16A1280B ITT Shutoff Valve 6430-62080-102
AV16B1647B ITT Shutoff Valve
AV16B1667D ITT Shutoff Valve
AV16B1674B ITT Shutoff Valve
AV16B1738D ITT Shutoff Valve
AV16B1748D ITT Shutoff Valve
AV16B1760B ITT Shutoff Valve
AV16B1762B ITT Shutoff Valve
AV16B1831D ITT Shutoff Valve S6430-63005-101.
AV16B1864B ITT Shutoff Valve
AV24B1119B ITT Shutoff Valve No O/H info - Test only
AV24B1179B ITT Shutoff Valve
AV24B1260AR ITT Shutoff Valve
AV24B1351BR ITT Shutoff Valve
B-00286-1 Lamar Voltage Regulator
B-00306 Lamar Voltage Regulator
B-00382-1 Lamar Regulator
B-138BH Hartman Relay
B-4050 Janitrol Heater
B1500 Janitrol Heater
B1804 Rotax Generator
B2030 Janitrol Heater
B28071-12-302 Kollsman Tach generator
B3040 Janitrol Heater
B3040 Switch Janitrol Heater OH and Combustion Switch
B3040_DecayTest Janitrol Heater Decay Test Only
B34D51 Janitrol Heater
B3500 Janitrol Heater 90D38-1EL
B3X Plessey Vacuum Pump
B54C00 Janitrol Heater Controller
BA-25 G.E. Flap Motor 5BA25 Series
BA35-01 Saft Battery 024147-000
BC80A-9 Advanced Blower Assy 114-380028-9
BELL 212 Bell Float Equip
BFS150A Samm Valve Filter Block
BFS150A-1 Samm Valve Filter Block
BFS155 Samm Valve Filter Block
BFS155-1 Samm Valve Filter Block
BFS156-1 Samm Valve Filter Block
BPS7-2/3 Radiant Power Power Supply
BYLB50437-1 Barber-Colman Valve
BYLB50474-1 Barber-Colman Valve 99-380010-1
BYLB50824 Barber-Colman Valve
BYLB7406 Barber-Colman Heat Sensor BYLF7406-10
BYLB9304-10 Barber-Colman Rotary Actuator Actuator only
BYLB9304-11 Barber-Colman Rotary Actuator Actuator only
BYLB9446-1 Barber-Colman Valve
BYLF7469 Barber-Colman Blower Assy
C-4500 Dart Cargo Hook
C0225 Rotax Starter
C175U-3A Dynamic Blower Assy With Motor M3436FB
C175U-3C1 Dynamic Blower Motor With Moror M3436FD1
C241-500E Dynamic Blower Motor With motor M3524AE
C2CF1325A DHC Valve
C2CF1541A DHC Valve C2CF1559A & 627L800
C2CF1559A DHC Valve Part of the 1541A
C2CF1561A DHC Valve C2CF1031A
C2CF3331A DHC Valve
C2P1025 Republic Relief Valve 627B-1 DHC
C2UT329A DHC Strut
C3 Dart Cargo Hook
C3-US-201-3 DHC Ski Actuator
C35D10 Janitrol Mixing Valve
C3CF290-9 DHC Actuator
C3CF313-5 DHC Brake Master Cylander
C3CF450-15 DHC/Jarry Flap Jack 2302-5(M)9
C3CF514-9 DHC Damping Valve
C3US200-7 DHC Ski Actuator
C3US200-8 DHC Ski Actuator
C3UT103-11 DHC Steering unit
C54C00 Janitrol Heater
C6E1016-1 Viking Pressure Fitting C6L1016-1, C6PE1016-3
C6EM1058-1 Viking Pressure Fitting
C6HF1020-1 DHC Actuator
C6HF1020-3 DHC Actuator
C6HF1020-5 DHC Actuator
C6HF1045-1 Viking Elbow Fitting C6HF1044-1
C6SC1084-3 Bendix Transmitter 7749-122A5-3
C6SF1601 Viking Tube O2 -121
C6SF1601-43 Viking Tube O2
CD45K C&D Associates Heater Decay Test Only
CE-9135 Chandler Evans Fuel Pump CE9147 - AN4101
CE-9141 Chandler Fuel Pump
CE-9147 Titan Fuel Pump Model G9 (ChandlerHill)
CH4101 Chandler Fuel Pumps
CH4103-23 Titan Fuel Pump Model G9 (CHill) CH4103-23
CHA1069-04A Lucas Flap Actuator
CR2795 B105A1 G.E. Voltage Regulator
CYLZ7655-1 Barber-Colman Heater Controller
D-2000 Bendix/TCM Magneto 10-682910-13, 10-682910-18, 10-600616-3, 10-600646-201 BL600646-201 10-79020-10 10-349310-1 10-382910-13
D-3000 Bendix/TCM Magneto 10-79020-10 10-682555-15
D717-01-100 Page Battery D717-02-001 (Battery P/N)
D9LN-2 Bendix Magneto
DHC-2 DHC Parts Beaver
DHC-3 Otter DHC Parts Manual
DHC-6 DHC CMM Twin Otter
DL1326M31 Nash Linear Actuator
DOFF10300B/BR Ford Alternator ASG-10001-11,9910591-11
DOFF10300J/JR Ford Alternator ASG-10001-5,9910591-5
DP-3278 Delco Motor A4949LE
DP52325 Bosch Distributor Block
DV1003-4C Lucas-Rotax Dump Valve
DYLM 73501-1 Barber-Colman DC Motor
E-2200M1-3 Airborne Actuator, Rotary R-652
E-72 Onboard Load Weigh System
E3FF10300AA Ford Alternator Same as ES4011 & 9910592
EA470-3587 Simmonds Fuel Probe
EA470B-3588 Simmonds Fuel Probe
EM424 Electromech Fuel shut-off valve 109-389002-7
EM450 Electromech Ice Vane Actuator 114-389039-21
EM603 Electromech Blower Assy
EM608 Electromech Blower Assy
EM609 Electromech Blower Assy 101-384004-9
EM630 Electromech Blower Assy 114380058 114-380028-11
EM640 Electromech Blower Assy 101-384176-3 101-384176-1
EM8000 Electromech Tach generator
EM8001 Electromech Tach generator
EM8002 Electromech Tach generator
ES-7024-14 Hartzell Alternator 655997(PlanePower)
ES1000 Kelly Alternator ALT8500, ALT8400
ES10024B-1Electromech5 Plane Power Alternator
ES2000 Kelly Starter
ES4000 Kelly Alternator 633962
ES646 Kelly Starter
EVCTA465 Technofan Recirculation Fan
Feb-09 Sermat DC Motor
Feb-40 Electromech Landing Gear Motor 115-380002-5
Feb-78 Saft Battery
FS36-1 Electromech Flap Motor 100-384040 / 50-364090-46
G-10 Chandler Fuel Pump
G-450 Garwin Vacuum Pump
G-6 Chandler Fuel Pump
G-6250 Grimes Landing Light
G-6250-1 Grimes Landing Light
G-6250-2 Grimes Landing Light
G-6250-3 Grimes Landing Light
G-6250-4 Grimes Landing Light
G-6250-5 Grimes Landing Light
G-6250-6 Grimes Landing Light
G-8385-1 Grimes Landing Light
G-9 Chandler Fuel Pump
G-9950 Grimes Rotating Light G-9950-1 Electromech -27
G3600A Grimes Landing Light G2905-24
G5400-1 Grimes Rotating Light
G5400-15 Grimes Rotating Light
G5400-16 Grimes Rotating Light
G5400-17 Grimes Rotating Light
G5400-18 Grimes Rotating Light
G5400-2 Grimes Rotating Light
G5400-3 Grimes Rotating Light
G5400-4 Grimes Rotating Light
G5400-5 Grimes Rotating Light
G5400-6 Grimes Rotating Light
H60-000 J & H Tach generator
H60-050 AAE Tach generator
HTE9037 Hitemp Rotary Actuator
HYC5006 Prestolite Hydraulic Pump
I-3500 Hartzell Heater Inc. 1500. 2500 and 5000
Jan-09 Sermat DC Motor
Jan-48 Electromech Motor
Jan-56 Autronics Smoke Detector
Jan-59 Tactair Brake Valve 70250-01004-101
Jan-76 Saft Battery
Jan-85 General Design Linear Actuator 206-062-721-011 206-062-721-013
JH3 J & H Electric Starter
JH5 J & H Electric Starter
Jul-78 Saft Nicad Battery 414471
Jul-85 General Design Linear Actuator 206-062-721-011 206-062-721-013
Jun-35 Spectrum Pressure Switch
Jun-40 Electromech Landing Gear Motor 115-380002-5
K1625B Koehler Valve
L10-20 Plessey Linear Actuator
LDA100 AEI Contactor
LDA200 AEI Contactor
LW10098 Airesearch Controller 470886-0002
M3 LSI Generator 1381-1-A(Bendix)
M4401D-8A Dynamic Blower Motor With motor SM2916DGE
M4941R-6A1 Dynamic Blower Motor with motor M2916DJA1
M5861X-4A Dynamic Blower Motor with motor M2916DP
M6510M2 AirAssociates Screw Jack
M6520M2 AirAssociates Rotary Actuator M6520M4
M7921T-1B Dynamic Blower & Motor
Mar-20 Weston Selector Valve 85816 7300 7290
Marathon Batteries Marathon Battery Covers most P/N's
May-02 DHC/Jarry Flap Jack C3CF450-5
May-71 Saft Battery
MC815AS1 Hartman Relay
MCL6501 Kelly Starter
MCL6502 Kelly Starter
MCL6503 Kelly Starter
MGH Leland Ground Inverter
MGH159-100 Leland Ground Inverter Covers 100, 500A, 200, 200A, MS21983-1
MGH159-200 Leland Ground Inverter Covers 100, 500A, 200, 200A, MS21983-1
MGH159-200A Leland Ground Inverter Covers 100, 500A, 200, 200A, MS21983-1
MGH159-500A Leland Ground Inverter MS21983-1
MGH229-100 Leland Ground Inverter
MHB_Lycoming Kelly Starter
MHJ Kelly Starter
MHP Kelly Starter
MMU Kelly Starter
MP-498 Memcor Magnetic Brake MP498-3
MS24171-D1 Eaton Relay AN3371-2
MS24171-D2 Leach Relay AN3370-1 and AN3371-1
MS24172-D2 Eaton Relay AN3371-1/6041H203A
MS25002J MS Switch, Rotary
MS28005-2 US Gauge Pressure Transmitter ST-4B
MS28005-3 US Gauge Pressure Transmitter ST-4B
MS28005-4 US Gauge Pressure Transmitter ST-4B
MS28131-12T Bendix Pressure Transmitter 18-1497,1498,1499
MS28131-6T Bendix Pressure Transmitter 18-1497,1498,1499
MS28131-8T Bendix Pressure Transmitter 18-1497,1498,1499
MS2816-1 Chatham Converter assy 28VS200Y-13
MZ Kelly Starter
MZ Lightweight Kelly Starter
N300 Pow-R-Tron Alternator ATM-1
NYLC50043 Barber-Colman Trim Actuator Same as NYLC8028-2
NYLC50448-2 Barber-Colman Actuator
NYLC50452-2 Barber-Colman DCA Actuator 76301-03902-102
NYLC8028-2 Barber-Colman Trim Actuator
NYLC9871 Beech Actuator
OAS2923-3 Ozone Actuator WTC2115
OAS2924-3 Ozone Actuator
OAS2950-9 Ozone Actuator
P19A-F DHC Wobble Pump C2P1415A
P4CA-1A Parker Primer Pump
P4CA-2A Parker Primer Pump NEEDS BOTH BOOKS
P94B12-202 Zenith Fuel Pump Booster
P94B12-203 Zenith Fuel Pump Booster
P94B12-204 Zenith Fuel Pump Booster
P94B12-205 Zenith Fuel Pump Booster
P94B12-208 Zenith Fuel Pump Booster
P94B12-209 Zenith Fuel Pump Booster
P94C16-602 Zenith Fuel Pump Booster
PC-14 Marathon Inverter
PC-14A Marathon Inverter
PC-14C Marathon Inverter
PC-14D Marathon Inverter
PC-15 Marathon Inverter
PC-15B Marathon Inverter
PC-15BC Marathon Inverter
PC-250 Marathon Inverter
PC350-1B Marathon Inverter PC350
PET1 Piper Trim Servo
PF21271325ZE Vickers Hydraulic Pump
PM1200 Lamar Starter 1200 Series
PM2400 Lamar Starter 2400 Series
PS-835 Goodrich Battery Pack 501-1228-01 thru 6
PV3-022-28 Vickers Hydraulic Pump
PV3-044-8 Vickers Hydraulic Pump 320598, 731633
PV3320-10 Presco Fuel shut-off valve
R-652 Airborne Actuator, Rotary E-2200M1-3 / C3UT103-11
R1467M1-1 Plessey Rotary Actuator
R1467M20 Plessey Rotary Actuator
R1467M21 Plessey Rotary Actuator
R460M15-11 Plessey Magnetic Brake
R460M15-3 Plessey Magnetic Brake
R460M42 Plessey Magnetic Brake
R4610M23-1 Plessey Rotary Actuator
RD17430 Lear Siegler Hydraulic Pump
REV-M9-1 Revere Camera Elevator Actuator 1100-1-471
RG11250 Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RG11920 Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RG11920-1 Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RG11920-2 Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RG12240 Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RG12470 Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RG15150H Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RG15980 Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RG17980 Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RG34720A Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RG34720C Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RG34720D Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RG34720F Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RG37060-A Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RG52400B Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RG52400D Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RG9080 Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RR12670K Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RR12670M Lear Romec Fuel Pump
RR12830A Lear Romec Fuel Boost Pump Ref: A15-1
RR24050C Lear Romec Hydraulic Pump
S-109-3A Siren Cargo Hook
S-1200 Bendix Magneto 10-51365-43R
S-1609-6 Siren Cargo Hook
S-20 Bendix Magneto 10-51360-37 S6RN-25 S4LN-21 S6LN-1201 S6LN-1205
S-200 Bendix Magneto
S-2000 Bendix Magneto
S6230-63010 Koehler Drain Valve
SB-1010-24-2E Phoenix Voltage Regulator
SB6RN-10 Bendix Magneto
SB6RN-8 Bendix Magneto
SB9RC-3 Bosch Magneto SB9RN/W
SB9RU-3 Bosch Magneto SB9RN/W
SF6LN-12 Bendix Magneto
SF6LN-8 Bendix Magneto
SF6RN-8 Bendix Magneto
SGT520-5 Parker Hyd Damper 204-010-937-7 204-010-937-9
SGT520-6 Parker Hyd Damper 204-010-937-7 204-010-937-9
SKA104-1 Synchro Dev Flap Valve
SKA104-3 Synchro Dev Flap Valve
SM400 Eaton Relay
SM50H10 Eaton Relay
SP-7102-1 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook C-100
SP-7109 Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook 212-706-103-11
ST Ametek Transmitter ST3A, ST54A, ST62A ST53A
ST-4B US Gauge Pressure Transmitter MS28005-2 THRU 4
ST-502H Ametek Transmitter 99-389014-6 6604-03
ST-53A Ametek Transmitter
ST-54A Ametek Transmitter
SX7EL11-4 Eaton DC Pwr Panel 114-381023-1
SX7EL21-1 Eaton DC Pwr Panel 129-380016-1
SYLC50114 Barber-Colman Actuator, Linear 206-062-214-001
SYLC50479 Barber-Colman Actuator, Linear
SYLC9548-1 Barber-Colman Actuator, Linear
SYLC9868 Barber-Colman Actuator, Linear
TC17100 Thompson Valve
TC17200 Thompson Valve
TC17300 Thompson Valve
TC17400 Thompson Valve
TD805 Hartman Relay
TF100-2 Thompson Fuel Pumps AN4101
TF1500 Thompson Fuel Pumps TF2100-2
TF2100 Thompson Fuel Pumps TF2100-2
TF2300 Thompson Fuel Pumps TF2100-2
TF3500-4 Thompson Fuel Pumps TF2100-2
TF3600 Thompson Fuel Pumps TF2100-2
TF3800 Thompson Fuel Pumps TF2100-2
TF3900 Thompson Fuel Pumps TF2100-2
TF400 Thompson Fuel Pumps TF2100-2
TF800 Thompson Fuel Pumps TF2100-2
TF900-5 Thompson Fuel Pumps TF2100-2
TF900-6 Thompson Fuel Pumps TF2100-2
TG255-001 AAE Tach generator MS25038-4
TG255-002 AAE Tach generator MS25038-4
TG255-003 AAE Tach generator MS25038-4
TG255-004 AAE Tach generator MS25038-4
TG255-005 AAE Tach generator MS25038-4
TG255-006 AAE Tach generator MS25038-4
TG255-007 AAE Tach generator MS25038-4
TG255-008 AAE Tach generator MS25038-4
TG455-001 AAE Tach generator
TG455-005 AAE Tach generator
TJ-13 G.E. Fuel X-mitter 56949-29B
TJ-17 G.E. Fuel X-mitter C3PT5-5
TP20-0129 Garrett Controller LW10098 470998-9002 270886-90
U9500 UAP Oil Solenoid
V5000-121 VAlcor Solenoid Valve 3101396-X
V5000-161 VAlcor Solenoid Valve 692545 Series
VJR Bosch Ignition Vibrator
VJS Bosch Ignition Vibrator
VR-1010-24-1A Phoenix Voltage Regulator
VR-1010-24-2A Phoenix Voltage Regulator
VR-1010-24-2AW Phoenix Voltage Regulator
VR204 LSI Voltage Regulator
W7925-1D Whittaker Valve BOTH BOOKS
WA775 Whittaker Shutoff Valve
WE475 Whittaker Shutoff Valve
WTC2112-1 Wiebel Hand Pump
WTC2114-1 Wiebel Gear Actuator
WTC2115-1 Ozone Actuator OAS2923-3
WTC2225-1 Wiebel Gear Actuator
WZ1V012 Universal Motor
WZ1V013 Universal Motor
X702-329 Axivane Blower Assy Model AVR62-46D1600
XW20173-3 Alco Wiper Motor
XW20173-G2 Rosemount Motor assy 2311M50-2
XW20345 Rosemount Converter assy 2312M30-7
XW20527-2 Alco wiper motor
XW21094-3 Alco Converter assy
XW21094-4 Alco Converter assy
XW21121-227-56 Alco Motor assy
XW21125-M1/2 Alco Motor assy 2311M87
XW21157-2 Alco Motor assy
XW21160-G1 Alco Motor Assy 2311M95
XW21160-G2 Alco Motor Assy 2311M95
XW21172 Alco Motor assy 204-070-907-001 204-070-907-002 2313M-20-3 2313M-20-4
XW21174-369 Alco Motor assy 204-070-907-001 204-070-907-002 XW31174-369-R64
XW21954-12 Alco Motor assy 214-073-902-012
Y-150 Bendix Starter

Please note that the information contained in this database is believed to be accurate and comprehensive as of the date of publication. However, if you require further confirmation of any details or have specific inquiries, please contact us for additional information. We are here to assist you with precise information to meet your needs.